Art Show, Jet Fuel Coffee, 2014

fullsizeoutput_327dVANISHING POINTS

Jet Fuel Coffee Shop

November 1-30

22 pieces (10 sold)

A. C. Facundo’s inaugural show in their neighbourhood coffee shop explores the theme of the vanishing point. Many of the paintings in the show are structured by vanishing points to emphasize perspective. But the theme more generally refers to the point in a scene where the eye can see but the self cannot go. It refers to the moment we see something that evokes our desire, but which disappears if we change our perspective in attempt to get closer. The huddle of buildings, the cuddle of clouds, the corner of a corridor, the trajectory of a path, the curve of a torso, the features of a face—all have vanishing points that lure the eye but insist upon a sense of distance. The rhythms of texture, tone, and colour encourage the eye to enjoy that distance. The vanishing point expresses those processes of life in which we can never reach a point of arrival or completion. Along the way, in our negotiation of desire and distance, we open ourselves up to surprise.